The human body may eventually have its limit, and by the time it has reached its maximum use it slowly wears off, making you feel all groggy and tired at the same time. A person’s capability to respond to a normal pace can be evaluated as having a good sleeping pattern. However, if you are the type of person that always has the lack of sleep, it is expected that productivity in your activities of daily living is also affected regarding a decrease in efficiency whether you are working, studying or doing household chores.

There are several ways for you to regain you sleep and keep in mind that not everyone has the same coping mechanism when it comes to the focus of promoting a good sleeping pattern. For you to achieve this type of goal, here are the following tips that you can hack you sleep.

Sleep tracking- this is one way for you to find out if how long have you been resting. This applies to most people who are sleeping three to 4 hours without having enough rest as well during the day. If you are aware of your sleeping pattern, this would mean that you’ll have to optimize more for you to keep up with having a sound mind and body.

Dark rooms- one of the fastest way for a person to sleep is in a dark room. If you are working on a graveyard shift and sleeping in the morning or afternoon prevents you from falling asleep, you add a darker curtain that will stimulate the sleep. In this way, you are setting your mind that sleeping is a must.

Bedtime routine- as mentioned, have a mindset of sleeping early. This is another way for you to set as well your body. The term “body clock” should be changed in a such a manner of having a bedtime routine. Avoid using glowing scenes that will disturb your sleep.

Coffee time- if you are aiming to have a good sleeping pattern, avoid drinking coffee specifically around two in the afternoon. The effect of coffee depends on the person’s need, but usually, this can take you longer before you can sleep at the right time

The eleventh hour- if you are not on a graveyard shift for work, it would be best for you to sleep before the clock strikes eleven in the evening. This will give you longer hours of sleep and detoxifies your body as well.

Exercising- there are some people who can manage to sleep after exercising, however, exercising boosts your energy and could even make you awake in the evening. The reason why exercises should be done in the morning is so that you will be pumped up, ready to face the day.

Supplements- such supplements that will help you have a good sleep like Collagen, Krill oil, and Magnesium. These type of minerals can assist in your sleep and promotes a healthier way of living as well.

Sleep promotes an exchange of a body cells renewal wherein it rejuvenates your body from being tired the entire day up. So if you want to have a quality of work, make sure that you are well rested. Most recommended sleep for every person is a maximum of eight hours sleep without interruptions. This also involves eating the right kind of meals if you aim for a better sleep, but if you are consuming more than the normal amount of food intake, this can be a trigger of sleep pattern disturbance either you will heart burns and or a bloated feeling that does not subside.